Monday, 27 June 2011

Create with your hands

Welcome to my new blog.  I'll start by telling a little bit about how this came about.  Over a year ago my sister in law recommended a blog for exploring creative activities with preschoolers.  We had recently moved 300 miles to a new area with a 2 year old and a new baby arriving 5 weeks after moving.  Not knowing anyone local with toddlers and with all the preschool activities having stopped for the summer holidays, it was with great relief I found this blog a source of all kinds of activities to fill our time.  Since then I have been well and truly inspired by Anna's ideas and activities at The Imagination Tree and we've had some fantastic times doing many of her ideas (thank you!).

Whilst I don't possess any expertise in preschool education or learning and I'm not particularly creative (I am more of a blagger than a blogger) I have so valued the network of ideas that people share through their blogs, enabling me to tap into a rich and varied resource I simply wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Seeing such wonderful and creative ideas shared on blogs has challenged me to think about what we do as a family to create beautiful things with our hands.  Our two daughters teach us so much about the joy of using our hands to create simply for the joy of creating, often I think it's them that's teaching us not the otherway round.  I hope that by sharing some of our experiences more people may be inspired to get creating.

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  1. I feel really honoured to have inspired you to start a blog! I don't know what you will find, but for me it has been a real blessing and help. I've made some lovely friendships along the way and learned a lot from some pretty incredible people out there! It has also helped me retain (some of) my sanity staying at home all the long days with such teeny people :-)


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