Monday, 27 June 2011

Homemade Sandpit

In the autumn our local sure start centre had a new sand box, it was so lovely that I thought it would be good to get one similar, anyway I couldn't find one for a reasonable price so I asked my husband if he could make one for our eldest daughter's birthday the following year, anyway he came up trumps!  (First woodwork project since school, I think) The box is made from B&Q bargain bin offcuts for the frame and then my Dad had some spare decking planks that form the sides and base and lid (although we had to buy a few extras as we didn't have enough for the lid). We also had to buy the rubber feet to lift it off the ground.

I think my favourite bit is the lid which has roller wheels on the feet at one end and stoppers on the other, so that you can slide it off easily by just lifting the other end, by also that the lid makes a lovely stable table for doing other activities on.  The lid still needs a perspex sheet fixed to the underside of the lid to make it more waterproof, but as it's summer at the moment the lid keeps off enough of the rain, but it will need sorting before the winter.

Our eldest daughter's (big sis) favourite game at the moment is to have the lid a bit back over the sand pit so she can have a pizza oven underneath!


  1. This is a SERIOUSLY cool sandbox. I am very embarrassed by my Ikea box now, haha. What a talented husband- do you hire him out?!

  2. My name is Jeff I'm a carpenter and woodworker in Ontario,I'd be happy to professionally make one for anyone who wants to the size they want, price will be according to size and material preferred i.e. Cedar or pine etc. please email if interested.


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