Saturday, 9 July 2011

Making Footprints

I really love big art and with the sunny weather what better way than to take the art outside.  We have a huge roll of paper (a faulty roll from hubbie's old work), so I cut off a big chunk and laid it out on the grass with some baking trays for the paint.

We then set about squeezing lots of paint into the trays, little chick loved doing this and was really concentrating doing it.

We then set about squishing and smearing and squelching the paint around the tray and then walking across the paper, little shoeshine also got involved with her tiny feet and mummy was told which colour she was allowed to use and so we created our own work of footprint art.

Once little chick had finished with the paper it was then time for body art painting.

Our painting is now on display in our dining room.  We've got a big blank wall in there and I hope to regularly do a big art family picture to display, am looking forward to doing the next one already!

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