Monday, 18 July 2011

Painting Jack's Beanstalk

We've recently been really enjoying Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker's Jack and the Beanstalk.  Since discovering this series a few months ago, they have been a big hit with little chick and we keep coming back to them.  The illustrations are great, the flaps pretty robust and the lovely rhyming text stands up really well to being read aloud lots and lots and lots of times!

Linking in with this last time we were reading it in about April time, my husband did some planting runner bean seeds with little chick.  She absolutely loves helping in the garden and bean seeds are great because they're perfect for little hands to pick out and plant in the soil, not too small compared to some seeds.

Well they didn't quite grow overnight but I'm starting to feel the magic of the growing beanstalk as they have been growing quite literally by the day, taller and taller and are now just about the height of our garage roof!

They look so fabulous I thought it would be great to get little chick having a go at painting a picture of them.

I've recently been struggling a bit with painting with her, she just isn't into making mess (I know I shouldn't complain!), but given a blank sheet of paper and some paints she either paints the whole sheet one colour or carefully dabs 2 or 3 small dots on the page and says done.  So we've been having a go at ways to try and encourage creative art without making it a closed activity.  So I set up the easel with some paints and positioned it so she could clearly see the beans and suggested she paint what she saw and I have to say this seemed to work for her and she was really pleased with her work!

And what better way to finish off painting than to wash all the painty clothes in your outdoor wash tub!

I think we now need to go and sit at the bottom our beanstalks and read the story there, looking up imagining our beanstalks going up and up into the world beyond the clouds.

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  1. Lovely,we adore Nick Sharatt here :)
    I host a weekly meme called Book Sharing Monday and I would love it if you linked up.

  2. Thanks for the invite, glad you like Nick Sharatt too. I have linked up, but couldn't get your button to work, so have linked you in the post. Thanks Ellie

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I bet there are giants at the top of your beanstalks too! :)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love her painting. It's funny how they will do things differently in a new context/ setting isn't it? I love the link to the story- just perfect for this age! Thanks for linking up

  5. You are very clever! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing it with the All Around the Year Carnival.

  6. I'm a co-host for the All Year Round Blog Carnival. We've featured you here:

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    Thanks so much for linking up!


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