Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blackberry Picking and Quick Edible Art

The hedgerows near where we live have been laden with blackberries over the last few weeks, so not one for missing out of a bit of free food, we thought we'd have a morning out foraging. 

So we set out on our journey to find some blackberry bushes, Little Chick on her balance bike and Shoeshine taking everything in from the comfort of her buggy.

We took in the panoramic view of the city on our way.

Then we found some bushes with some juicy looking fruit and got down to work.

Little chick busied herself finding good spots to pick from.  She absolutely loved having her own pot fill and it was a great activity, lots of visual skills looking and searching and lots of motor skills having to mind all the brambles whilst trying to pick fruit and not squash it.

 I was amazed at how good she was at choosing ripe fruit and not managing to get spiked by the brambles.

One for the pot, one for the mouth!

Once we collected a couple of pots, there was just time for a quick snack.  (Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of Shoeshine after she'd finished tucking into hers, suffice to say she really enjoyed herself).

Then it was time to put the lids on and head home for tea.

Once home, we did a very quick bit of art with our blackberries.  And here's to show that doing art doesn't have to take very long or take ages to clear up.  We mixed blackberries with plain yoghurt in a large flat bottomed bowl and got busy mixing, squidging, swirling and squashing, making lots of patterns and watching the two colours mix together.

Then clearing up was simply a matter of dishing it out to everyone and eating it all up.  Art that tastes good too!

Next time it would be good to have a go at painting with our mixture, maybe with brushes or maybe doing hand printing then licking them all clean!  It would also make a great mix for a small sensory tub, maybe adding in some redcurrants, raspberries and ice cubes, for lots of berry messiness - Shoeshine would love this!

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