Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hot Air Balloons

It's been the annual balloon fiesta here recently, so with mass assents at 6am and 6pm everyday for four days there have been some spectacular views across the city's skyline.  One lift off had over 80 balloons, just amazing for capturing the imagination of a three year old watching it all.  (Also particularly good  if you have an early riser - there isn't usually much entertainment on at that time of the morning!)  Unfortunately we're not early risers in our houseand we didn't make it to the launches this year, but we enjoyed lesuirely views from our back garden and bedroom windows.

We've also been reading ballooning stories to link in with the fiesta.

This is a fantastic book from a series by barefoot books, with sing-along cd.  Little chick and shoe shine love it.  The pictures are really beautiful and the music really well done.  Given we had to have it on in the car most of the way for about 300 miles at the weekend and I'm not completely sick of it, I feel it definitely stands up well to the repeatabililty test.  Little chick now knows all the words of the chorus and a few bits of the verses.

We have the farmyard tales complete set and this is a nice story about a hot air balloon landing in the cow field at Apple Tree Farm.

This was one I got off the internet in my search for balloon related stories.  To be honest I didn't think much of the story but the pictures are lovely and we used this one for our painting.

Not actually about hot air balloons, but balloons none the less and an absolute classic.

We also did some painting balloons.  Little chick chose a picture she wanted to paint, then busied herself getting all the right colours out, whilst I drew a very rough outline of the balloon and basket on blue paper.

Little chick got busy with her paintbrush.

And here's the first finished picture. 

When she'd finished she looked at her picture and complained that there were too many 'holes' in the balloon, so I suggested she paint another picture. 

She was very pleased with her finished picture.  She said it was much better without the holes.

Hot air balloons are so beautiful, colourful and magical floating along there must be no end of pictures and stories to do.  I also really wanted to do paper mache balloons, but just didn't get the time to do it, maybe next time. 

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