Sunday, 7 August 2011

Preparations for a birthday celebration - homemade style

It's Shoeshine's first birthday so what better reason to have a party and celebrate.  It seems to me as a grown up there's almost as much fun in the planning and preparation as in enjoying the actual thing, so with that in mind Little Chick and I have been busy making and creating a homemade birthday party all about the hungry caterpillar and I have to say we've both had a lot of fun doing it.

First we painted some pictures to decorate the walls.  I've found doing painting together actually works really well, Little Chick really enjoys when I paint with her and she enjoys doing her own picture alongside.  Here are our butterfly pictures in progress.

We also did some tissue paper based Eric Carle inspired pictures, an idea from Anna at The Imagination Tree.  This is a fantastic idea with never ending possibilities of what you can do with it.  This slideshow from the Eric Carle website shows you how he creates his pictures.  His technique is basically painting tissue paper with lots of different colours using different textured materials and then creating the most beautiful collages with all the bits.  So for ours we used a brush, a feather, a sponge, some lattice packaging and fingers to paint our tissue paper.

Painting with a brush.

Painting with a feather.

Painting with sponge.

Painting with a finger and brush.

 Painting with lattice packaging

Once they were all dried we moved onto cutting, glueing and sticking bits to make our big fat caterpillar collage.  This was a co-operative art project, so although Little Chick did lots of cutting we're saving her bits for a future project and I did most of the shapes we actually used for the picture and then we worked together on placing and glueing down all the bits.

I also had fun with my own art project, doing the butterfly.

Some of our finished pictures on display.

The two on either side are caterpillars and the middle two are butterflies.  I love the way on the left hand pictures she's put lots of feet on the caterpillar.

I also painted some invitations whilst Little Chick was busy with her butterfly and caterpillar paintings.

Whilst Shoeshine was having her nap we wrapped up presents together. 

It was lovely seeing Little Chick starting to get really excited about her little sister's birthday.  As Shoeshine is somewhat oblivious to the event it is nice that her big sis is getting ready to party!

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  1. The Eric Carle inspired artwork is fabulous! I just found your blog while pinning ideas for our Caterpillar/Butterfly theme and I can not wait to try a version of this. Thanks!


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