Thursday, 15 September 2011

Play Dough Happy Birthday Cake

It's Daddy's birthday this week so we're all about wrapping presents and making birthday cakes.  Little Chick loves helping out with the real thing but after we've been busy together she loves going off and recreating things in her own imaginative play.  This is her Play dough Happy Birthday Cake.

So what do you need for a proper birthday cake?

 Some 'cake mixture'

some 'candles' 

and some 'cake decorations'

Play Dough is such a fantastic thing to play with, there are just so many ideas, lots of creativity and skills development.  Hands on: as we grow has a fabulous post with loads and loads of playdough ideas.
Lots of squishing and squeezing

 Lots of rolling

 Lots of careful placing of the birthday candles

 Now time to decorate the cake

Little Chick's finished Happy Birthday Cake

And for those of you who are interested here is Daddy's edible Birthday Cake (this is where I got to have lots of creative fun and play!).  It's the Lorax from the Dr Suess books one of his favourite stories to read with Little Chick.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


  1. Oh I love your cake! And adding in the beads for some excellent fine motor practice not only helps those fingers, but adds so much fun and beauty to it! Thanks for sharing our play dough round up too! I shared this on my FB page.


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