Monday, 24 October 2011

5-A-Day Books: Baby Favourites


Shoeshine is now 15 months and absolutely LOVES books.  She loves having stories read to her and she loves sitting by herself 'reading'.  I find it so amazing that already she got the idea of flipping through pages and she's got her favourite books that she will go and get off the shelf.  So this week our five a day books are some of Shoeshine's favourites.

Shoeshine was given this at a wedding we went to earlier in the year.  All the babies were given little books on their high chairs at the reception - such a cute idea. This was hers.  We've got quite a few from this series and all of them are fantastic, colourful, touchy-feely and really robust.  A great series of baby books.

This book is from another great series.  Each page there is a hole through to the next page and it might be the duck that you can see, but every time it's something else, amazing illustrations and really simple text.  Shoeshine has just started joining in with the"shh" bit when you come across the sleepy sheep dog.

Absolute classic, all babies and children seem to love this book.  I must have read it well over 100 times and I still really enjoy reading it.  Good choice Shoeshine!

The builders have such a busy day at the building site in this lovely rhyming board book.  There are little tabs so you turn the cement mixer or you can move the builders up and down the ladder.  Brilliantly these are pretty robust and they are all still intact after both the girls have read this book al lot.  Perfect if Daddy works in construction!

I know this is really 4 books! But they're only short and they're really good.  Shoeshine was given this mini box set by some lovely friends and she loves it.  They are perfect size for little hands and who wouldn't want to keep putting them and taking them out of their box as well as reading them.  They are also really simple text so Little Chick is able to 'read' them aloud to her little sis. 


  1. LOVELY book choices! And isn't she cute sitting there reading independently?! ahhh. Thanks for linking up to our challenge :-)

  2. Thanks Anna, I love this picture of Shoeshine (I know I'm biased!) I just came into the room and she'd got onto the beanbag and settled down to the books all by herself, I just had to sneak out, get the camera and capture it, she looks so small yet so grown up. We've loving the 5-a-day challenge, there are so many lovely books for little people. It's so simple and really fun thanks.



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