Monday, 3 October 2011

5-A-Day Books: Camping

Little Chick is so into playing camping at the moment, so this week we're reading stories all about camping.  

A great camping story, it's all a bit of squash and a squeeze when Eddie (the elephant) tries to get in the tent with everyone else.  Lovely simple text and colourful illustrations.

This book is an absolute favourite of Little Chick (Shoeshine is still too young for it at the moment and loses interest, but I'm sure she'll grow into it). The book is a collection of outdoor stories and this week we're reading the Alfie goes camping story.  Alfie and Annie Rose have a tent in their garden and then the next time they visit Grandma's house Alfie gets to do 'proper' camping with his Dad, but watch out for the pig who wants to join them in the tent!

Another great camping story, Poppy and Sam love camping but they have to go home when Daisy the cow gets stuck in the tent entrance and runs off with the tent round her head!

A lovely picture book with beautiful pastels all about dreams and real life adventures, one of them being about camping.  "I have never run with wolves through forests or climbed with bears... but I once camped in the garden in a tent"

Bit of stretch to say this one is about camping - but they do pack up their tent before heading across the troll's bridge.  We love this series of books.  Colourful pictures, flaps to lift and great rhyming text, a winner with both the girls.

Fingers crossed this gorgeous weather will continue and we can have some camping fun in the garden, later in the week.

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