Monday, 10 October 2011

5-A-Day Books: Planting Seeds and Harvesting

This week we're reading stories all about planting seeds, watching things grow and harvest time.

Great version of this classic tale, really lovely illustrations.

Great story from Eric Carle about the tiny seed that avoids being eating by the birds, trampled by the children etc and grows to be a beautiful flower, which then sends it's seeds on the wind at the end of it's life.  A good introduction to plant life cycle without being too 'educational' and still being a lovely story.

As you've probably guessed we love this series.  A great retelling of the classic fairytale about Jack, his magic beans, a giant beanstalk and adventures in the clouds, perfect to spark the imagination of a 3 year old and Shoeshine just loves the bright pictures and flaps to lift up.

Lovely story about the planting, watering and harvesting of a grain of wheat and eventually making flour and then bread.  The first time Little hen's friends don't want to help but after they see the lovely bread that was made from the wheat they decide that the next time they would help too.

Simple counting book about a little boy who starts off planting ten seeds.

What books are you enjoying at the moment?

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