Monday, 31 October 2011

5-A-Day Books: Silly Books!

This week we're reading silly books!  These are the books that either make you laugh or make you groan when you're asked to read them again.  These books are all about bold illustrations, snappy text, lots of plays on words, nonsense words and things being simply wrong.  Nick Sharratt seems a particular expert at these sort of books, so 4 out of the 5 are by him this week.

We got this one from the library last week and Little Chick absolutely loves it.  It's split into two horizontally so you mix up the bottom and top half of the pages to create lots and lots of utter nonsense.  Little Chick finds it so funny she loves reading it aloud to me and asking me the questions: Do you want jam on your toes?  Do you want jam in your bed? and so on with each time I am required to answer No! That would be Silly! or such like.

Another silly book celebrating the world of pants with fabulous illustrations and brilliant rhyming text, perfect for a 5-a-day book.  I particularly like the 'lighting up at night pants!'

The girls love this one, particularly Shoeshine, there's a hole on every page for little people to put their fingers through and then you turn the page to find out what they've put their finger into!

 Lots and lots of nonsense words in this one and lots of flaps and tabs to lift and pull.

And a return to Norman, I love this book.  It's a very funny story about a slug who wants to be like a snail and his hunt for a suitable shell.

What silly nonsense books do you enjoy?

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