Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn Outdoors: Collecting Autumn Goodies

It's definitely starting to feel autumnal here (after the crazy summer heat wave of last week), and we've had lots of fun collecting up autumn goodies from one of the local parks.  The colours of autumn are just so beautiful, it's a great time to wrap up warm and head to the park. And a trip to the park in the autumn wouldn't be complete without playing in the fallen leaves.  Little Chick and I had so much fun kicking and throwing the leaves to watch them be tossed up with the wind (thanks to Anna @ The Imagination Tree for her inspiring picture of her daughter playing in the autumn leaves - it's half way down the side bar.  Seeing it the other day got me all excited about all the fun of autumn leaves).

We had lots of fun collecting leaves, conkers, pine cones and seed pods.

It's quite hard to push the buggy with your hands full of leaves!

We now have a very full bag of autumn goodies - the question is what shall we play with them next?

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  1. This is a lovely post - I love Autumn too. thanks for sharing in the linky. I was so stunned to discover this week that there are few if any trees on the island of Orkney, it made me really appreciate leaves :) Kierna


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