Saturday, 8 October 2011

Camp Fire Cooking Imaginative Play

We've been having lots of fun with camping play this week, and yesterday we finished off the week with some cooking around the camp fire!

Inspired by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots' Harvest Sensory Play: Cooking with Nature, I decided to use all our autumn goodies we had collected at the park the other day for our camp fire cooking.

There were autumn leaves, pine cones, conkers and some sticks.  Then I added two saucepans and wooden spoons (one for each of the girls), some bowls and pots and a chopping board. 

I also made a tee-pee for our pretend camp fire using 5 bamboo canes and some garden twine.

I put this in the living room with the box of goodies for the girls to explore and see what play would evolve.  (We could have done this activity in the garden had the weather been better as I think it would also be great for outdoor play).  They really loved all the autumn goodies, you can see why, so much colour, shape, texture,  and feel, perfect for little hands to explore.

Straight away Little Chick got busy cooking.

There was lots of adding things to various pots and putting things in the saucepan.  There was lots of mixing, chopping, making cakes and cooking the tea.

Shoeshine loved putting things in and taking things out of her saucepan and banging the lid with the wooden spoon.  

We then added a little cooking stove, made of two blocks of wood and an old oven shelf (sometimes it's very useful to have a husband who keeps all sorts of odds and bods in the garage), although any sort of metal rack or tray could be used for this.

Some more cooking.

 Then we added some sticks for the fire, I couldn't persuade her that the sticks really needed to be underneath the pan and stove and she insisted they needed to go on top!  She still had lots of fun with them.

Our living room was a hive of cooking activity, pouring scooping, mixing, sorting and stirring.  This kept them both busy for ages and it was lovely to see them playing together with a chance for their imaginations to roam freely.


  1. I love an activity that gets two kids working so closely together. Beautiful presentation... makes me want to jump right in =)

  2. Love how you made the fire and have so many props for play!!

  3. Hi Jill and Melissa, thanks for your comments, we had lots of fun with this. The saucepans, chopping board, wooden spoons cost me £3.50 in total from a charity shop - bargain plus you don't mind how roughly they play with them. I'm often on the lookout for bits and pieces in second hand shops that we could use for play.

  4. I just love all of the items that you used for this activity! Such fun! We'll have to try this out soon! :)

    1. Now it's autumn again I think we might have to do this again this year. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ellie


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