Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Camping Out

Well the nice weather has well and truly gone today, but yesterday was still glorious sunshine and we made the most of it camping in the garden.

Inspired by the tent from the Alfie goes camping story in the Big Alfie out of doors storybook, we've made our own tent in the garden.

It's very simple, a folded piece of tarpauline looped over the washing line and pegged down with a few tent pegs.

All it then needed was half the contents of our living room!  Little Chick loved packing everything into bags, grabbing cushions and blankets and carrying them out to her new tent.

Lots of good books, a few toys and a nice place to enjoy them.

Shoeshine also really enjoyed playing in the tent with her big sis, once she was up from her nap.

We had a picnic lunch at the entrance of our tent and later in the afternoon we sat in the tent altogether reading our 5-a-day books and then the girls played happily by themselves for a bit.  There was lots of pretend play, getting ready for bed, getting into their sleeping bags and going off to sleep, waking up and coming out of their tent and then time to go to bed again!  

They loved having this little bit of private space to call their own, I think.  

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