Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fir Cone and Pipe Cleaner Bugs

We been making our own bugs, spiders and flies using pipe cleaners and fir cones.

I got a few bits and pieces ready.  Some fir cones (collected on holiday a while ago), some colourful feathers, poms poms and fluffy pipe cleaners.  We also had a packet of goggly eyes that we had bought the other week together and Little Chick has been asking when we might get to play with them.

The girls had fun exploring what was in the basket.

Shoeshine loved the pipe cleaners.

Little Chick wanted to know what we were going to do with these things, so we got out our Mad about Minibeasts book and had a look at what bugs or creatures we might have a go at making.  We decided to try a spider (with all those lovely colourful fluffy pipe cleaners we needed to do something with plenty of legs!) 

As we were both making spider some of what Little Chick decided to do was copying what I was doing, but with her own take on it.  Here she is squashing the eyes onto the body, having chosen one blue and one white.

We then used pipe cleaners for the legs, wrapping them round the fir cones.

Then it was time for Little Chick's favourite bit - glueing!  

And these were our finished spiders.

Little Chick then decided she wanted to make a bird (who wouldn't with those lovely feathers?)

 Using pom poms to make eyes.

Add some feathers.

And have a chat to your new friend!

Then together we had a go at making a fly.  I cut out the wings from an empty lemonade bottle and we used pipecleaners for the antenne and pom poms and goggly eyes for the face.

And here are our finished creatures in their natural habitat! 

 Little Chick did the spider at the front, whilst I did the spider at the back.  As we didn't use glue for anything other than the goggly eyes, Little Chick did get a bit frustrated with bits falling off as she was trying to make it, but then it made for great fine motor skills and manipulation practice, winding and bending them around the fingers of the fir cone.  Although I'm sure you could use glue if you'd prefer, I just quite like their temporary nature and the  idea of being able to take them apart and reassemble them as something different another day.

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  1. This are cute cute cute!!!! Will have a go on next play date!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. so fun & I simply adore the liveliness in the photos of the children! would love for you to share this on the Sunday Showcase -


  3. Thanks Maggy hope you have fun at your next play date.

    Bern - thanks for the invite will pop over to Sunday showcase and link up.


  4. Super cute! I would love for you to link up at Living Life Intentionally’s Linky party - ~Beth

  5. Thanks Beth, am just hopping over to you now.


  6. Ellie these turned out super cute! Thanks so much for linking up at TGIF Linky Party & I can't wait to see hwat else you link up!!


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