Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Planting seedlings

We've been enjoying a bit of time on the allotment planting some seedlings.  You tend to think of autumn as harvesting time, not planting but things do get planted at this time of year for early spring crop the following year.  

Growing things teaches us so much about a lot of things, particularly patience, faith and hope.  Waiting for a plant to grow, trusting the rain will come and hoping for a good crop come harvest time.  We would love our girls to grow up with that sense of wonder about the natural world that surrounds us, never losing that feeling of amazement of how a tiny seed can grow into a huge plant or tree.  

At preschool age, this is all about spending time outdoors, planting seeds and seedlings, watering (or overwatering!), picking produce (raspberries are very popular) and exploring mud, sticks, worms and leaves.  The things that you can do are endless and perfect for keeping little fingers busy for a while.
Our seedlings (broad beans).  

A few weeks earlier we planted the seeds in little homemade newspaper pots, left them in the porch and watered them regularly.  Well I saw we, I'm hopeless at this sort of thing, thankfully my husband is not and so we actually have some seedlings to plant out.

 Preparing the hole and putting them in the soil.  

The newspaper pots are great because you can plant the seedling still in their pot as it bio-degrades as the plant grows.  This makes it much easier for little people to handle the delicate seedlings without squashing them.  You can buy a pot maker like ours here

Planting them out.  Little Chick absolutely loves doing this.

 After a hard bit of work it was time to leave Daddy to put netting over the seedlings and stop for a snack.

 And time to admire the view

This is the view from our plot.  I love it.  (Although you can also see our plot is most definitely a work in progress!)  And for those of you who know the city, see whether you can spot the suspension bridge, cabot tower and the physics department!

Finally time for a quick sisterly cuddle.

A few tips for growing things with little people (I'm no expert but things that work for us):
  • Enjoy it yourself (get you hands dirty, have some fun, find some worms)
  • Little and often is definitely the way to do growing things, a few seeds planted here, a few pots painted there, a mud pie made there.
  • Make the most of the nice weather or make sure you have the right clothes for the right weather.
  • Have a snack! Little people love eating outside.


  1. Lovely!
    It's spring here and we are desperatly trying to find time to make space among the weeds and children for a few seedings!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I always forget that whilst we're heading into autumn and winter the other side of the world is waking up to spring! Hope you manage to find a bit of time and space for planting. Little chick always loves planting things in flower pots she's painted.

  3. Another lovely post, I love the look of concentration of the little ones faces as they plant. Once again thanks for linking up.

  4. What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party! Hope we'll see you again this week - a new post is up now!


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