Thursday, 10 November 2011

5-A-Day Books: Autumnal Stories

This week we've been reading some lovely autumnal stories.   I absolutely love this time of year, the leaves, the colours and the conkers, so much beauty all around.  There is so much to get excited about, and so many lovely autumnal related activities and play ideas.  So here are some books that link to autumn time.

This is a lovely story about little nutbrown hare and big nutbrown hare playing out during autumn.  Little nutbrown hare finds an empty cardboard box and hops about with it over his head, shouting 'I'm a box monster!' trying to scare big nutbrown hare.  Little chick loves this bit and we've had lots of re enactments of this round the house this week.

Little hedgehog is busy making his winter nest when an apple falls from the tree above and get stuck in his prickles.  No one seems to be able to help him to get it out and he ends up with a whole load of other things stuck in his prickles too.  Thankfully goat is able to help in the end with a bit of munching for lunch!

Gorgeous wordless book from the seasons series by Gerda Muller, the illustrations are lovely with lots of seasonal things happening, giving plenty to talk about and discuss together.  

Poor Ferdie, he is very distressed that his favourite tree seems to be loosing all it leaves and he is determined to stop this from happening.  He's so disappointed when the last leaf falls off, yet the very next day the tree is dressed in the most beautiful covering of frost and snow.  A lovely story about changing seasons and autumn time.

The last one is not specifically an autumn book, but more about autumnal weather.  Great short rhyming story about the wind from the author of Rosie's walk.  This was a book from when I was a child and it is looking very well read now, really fun read.

There are lots of other lovely autumn stories we haven't got and  I'd love to know which ones you would recommend.

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