Monday, 21 November 2011

5 A Day Books: Stars and Space

With the evenings drawing in, Little Chick has been fascinated by it getting dark earlier and seeing the night sky and the moon and asking lots of 'Why' questions! So I thought it would be good to read some books about the stars and space.

Q Pootle 5 in Space.  This has been an absolute favourite of Little Chick since we got it out of the library last week.  Q Pootle 5 and his friend Oopsy are playing games when they find they are being chased by the bladder monsters! (Little Chick finds this name so funny.)  But it's OK as their friend Dave, Planet Dave, is there to help protect them.  But Dave is lonely, he would really like some moons of his own.  When the bladder monsters return Oopsy has an idea..  This is a fabulously funny story that both Little Chick and I have really enjoyed reading together.

Q Pootle 5 is a great funny story about a friendly little green alien whose space ship has crashed on earth.  Q Pootle 5 is on his way to a moon party, will a green frog, some birds and Colin the Cat be able to help fix his rocket booster?

The Way Back Home.  We haven't really read any Oliver Jefferies before, but we also got this from the library as it linked with the theme of space.  This is a great story about a boy and an alien who get stuck on the moon together.  A great story of friendship and helping each other in trouble and the illustrations are beautiful.

How to Catch a Star is also by Oliver Jefferies and this is a lovely story about a boy really wanting a star and trying to grab one from the sky but he can't reach.  Great story with a happy ending with a bit of a twist.  Little Chick has been enjoying this one too.

Eric Carle's Draw me a star.  I love so many of his books for their gorgeous pictures and simple text.  This book has more lovely pictures as the artist in the story draws a star and then beautiful things as the story unfolds.  To be honest I don't totally follow the storyline but maybe that's just because I'm not being imaginative enough!  The girls seem to enjoy listening too it.  It would also make a lovely starting point for some art and craft around stars and the night sky.


  1. I love Eric carle's books too but haven't seen this one so will keep an eye out for it. Lovely blog you have here!

  2. Thanks Jode, that's really kind of you to say, it means a lot. Thank you



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