Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Firework Splatter Painting

With Bonfire night this coming Saturday, we've been getting excited about fireworks.  So before we get to see the real ones at the weekend we've been doing some splatter painting firework pictures.

We put a mixture of colours of poster paint into our paint tray (old cracker biscuit trays make great paint trays!).  These were Little Chick's choice of colours and included a couple of glitter paints too.

Then we got some black card, went outside and got splattering with our paintbrush.  This is definitely an outdoor painting activity, as the paint can go anywhere and everywhere.  the weather continues to be unseasonally good so we're making the most of being outside while we can.

(Note the painted pumpkin, Little Chick is still obsessed with painting one every time we get the paints out, so that was painted first whilst I did a firework picture to show her what we were going to do.)

Little Chick loved scooping paint onto her brush and flicking it at the paper (and at herself and me!).  You can always water down the paint a bit to make it easier, although we quite enjoyed flicking the thicker gloopy paint, but it does mean the pictures take a little while to dry.

Here is her finished picture still wet.

And once it had dried.  I love the effect of the bright colours on the black card and the scattering of sparkly paint. 

 I did think this could be quite fun to do on a large scale, particularly as we had some large boards waiting for the skip - but Little Chick had her own ideas!  She wanted to paint a picture for Daddy and she didn't want it to be fireworks - who was I to disagree?  So I left her to get on with her picture and she was there ages and she was really pleased with her finished picture. 

I often find that starting off doing something together, like a specific type of painting, then evolves and spins off into her own ideas as the creativity gets warmed up and get going.  I think one of the most rewarding things of doing play and creative activities with your little ones is by doing so you are giving them a Mary Poppin's style bag of creative ideas that they can dip into.  Then you see them take these ideas and mould them and change them into their own.  Sometimes that's immediately but sometimes it's over a much longer period of time, so I'm always striving to get the balance between giving her new creative ideas and giving her the space to explore and develop some of those ideas into her own.   


  1. I love how it turned out! Very pretty! And I have to say I'm impressed with her big painting! I love watching kids run with their own ideas.

  2. This looks like fun! If it is still warm enough next month, I think we may try this with red, green and gold paint for Christmas!

  3. What a great way to have some "messy fun." My daughter loves painting and this looks like a great way to have fun with it :) Stopped by from TGIF Linky Party. I am now your newest follower :)

    -MiaB @ www.heart2heart-miab.blogspot.com

  4. This is such a fun idea!!! I am going to try this with my kiddos this week!

  5. That looks awesome!! What a fun project! Thanks so much for linking it up to TGIF Linky Party! I can't wait to see what else you link up!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments, am now thinking what we could do next with splatter painting, thinking I might get some more glitter paints, like the idea of Christmas based colours too Jenny.


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