Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Junk Modelling Space Rocket

Inspired by the Playing with Junk Challenge from day 15 of the 30 day Hands on Play Challenge by The Imagination Tree and Hands on as we Grow, we had fun making our own junk model space rocket, linking in with our space theme and stories that we're doing at the moment.

Together we looked at the picture of a rocket made at The Imagination Tree as a starting point and then Little Chick set about finding the bits and pieces she wanted to use to make our rocket from the junk box basket.


Then there was lots of zooming and roaring and flying around the room!

And finding some other bits.

And finding other ways to play with the junk.

We then did the cutting together and fixed the toilet roll rocket boosters with sticky tape.  Little Chick absolutely loves cutting at the moment and will sit for ages cutting up bits of paper into all sorts of things.  Sometimes it's shapes, sometimes it birthday cards, sometimes it's bridges!

We then went to our craft shelf and found the box of bits and pieces (all the off-cuts and left over bits from previous arts and crafts) and Little Chick chose some star and number stickers too.

She then got busy with the stickers.

And the glue.  
Little Chick was busy for ages decorating her rocket, occasionally Mummy was allowed to stick a few bits on too!

And soon our rocket was beautifully decorated.  We also wrapped the rocket boosters with sparkly wrapping paper and glued it on. 

Can't wait for it to dry so we can have some lovely imaginative play with it.


  1. Great idea I will be using this in the next few weeks since we are doing a space theme all through the month of Dec.

    I am following you you. I would love yout to check me out and follow back if you like!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, just about to pop over to you and say hello.



  3. I featured this on my blog facebook page. Love it.


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