Monday, 28 November 2011

Salad Spinner Spin Art Planets / Solar System

As we've been reading stories about space I thought it would be nice to do some art around this.  Seeing pictures of planets in books I love the beautiful swirly mix of colours they appear to be from far away and I thought these would be great for salad spinner art.  I've seen salad spinner art in lots of places on the web and I've been patiently searching the charity shops for the last couple of months for a salad spinner and finally my searching paid off the other week - 99p what a bargain!  So we set about putting the salad spinner to good use, creating some planets.

I cut up some of Little Chick's painting that we have finished displaying and some plain paper.  We seem to have rather a lot of art work and I'm always one for reusing and recycling!  I found that the thicker paper and card worked the best for this activity, as it better coped with the large splodges of paint and subsequent spinning.  The stars didn't really work as they were a bit small for the spinner. 

We got out a book with some lovely pictures of the planets in the solar system and Little Chick got busy choosing some of the coloured paints she thought would match up with the pictures.

Shoeshine enjoyed playing with and dismantling the salad spinner whilst Little Chick and I got the paints ready.

Little Chick then got busy choosing the bits of paper and then various paint colours to make her planets.  We used a blob of blue-tac to secure the paper to the bottom of the salad spinner.  Although we were loosely basing our art around the planets Little Chick is still quite young to really comprehend much about the solar system so much of our making planets was about letting the creativity flow, seeing what colours look pretty together and what happens when different colours mix together. 

Before spinning.

Let's get spinning!  Little Chick loved this, each time I said "do you think this is done yet?"  She'd reply "Not yet, it needs a bit more spinning."

 Here it is after spinning (this was her interpretation of Mars!)

Once she'd got the hang of what to do, Little Chick was away and very shortly we had a production line of planets in process.  Lots of looking at the pictures, choosing paper and selecting paint colours and plenty of chatter along the way.  Top left is the moon, top right Neptune and bottom left Earth.

More were made...

...until finally we had quite a selection.  I love the beautiful patterns that are created with the paint mixing and being spun (and the glitter paint too - I just love a bit of sparkle.)

Once they were dried I stuck a long loop of black cotton on the back of each one with sticky tape, ready for hanging up.  In our hall we have a fishing line with pegs on one wall for displaying art, so all I did was peg up some sparkly fabric and then hung the 'planets' over the pegs, which we hung for a couple of days before Little Chick insisted the backdrop had to come down as it was hiding some of her other pictures!  

We had lots of fun with this art and I think it would be great to do with mixed ages, as older children could be more accurate and hang them in the right order and identify facts about each planet, whilst for younger children it's lots of fun with paint and spinning!  I'm also thinking these could look look very beautiful cut into bells or tree shapes and hung on our Christmas tree in a few weeks.  What art have you done with salad spinners?


  1. This is a really good idea: the spinner painting is perfect for swirling mysterious planets. I shall pin this to do soon.

    1. Thank you! I love salad spinner art it produces such beautiful pictures and so much fun to do.


  2. I love this - they are really cute. We've just done our first salad spinner art and I'll be posting it later this week :)

  3. This is a fun activity using the salad spinner to make an art. Will let my kids see your post and I know they definitely try this.

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