Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Books

We've got our advent calendar out today and have loaded it up with chocolate coins and are excited about getting ready for Christmas.  Rather than doing our 5-a-day books this month we will be doing something a bit different.   Having come across this lovely idea from Beth at Living Life Intentionally I thought it would be a lovely idea to try in our house.  Each evening through advent the girls will take it in turns to unwrap a book whilst we eat the chocolate coins from our advent calendar and then we'll enjoy reading it together as a family after tea.

At the moment our selection of Christmas books is still small, although a trip to the charity shops today added two more, so I've made up the numbers with some that only glimpse Christmas and some more winter stories, but still lovely books.  I'm hoping over the next few years to add to our current selection.  Although some of the books are new, and a few are ones we've been reading recently, most we had last year and I've just had them hidden away since about March so I'm looking forward to reading them again.  So here are some of our Christmas reads for this year.

Great illustrations and a simple retelling of the Christmas Story.
 We love the Alfie stories and Lucy and Tom's trip to the seaside so I'm sure this will be popular.  It's all about getting everything ready for Christmas, making Christmas cards, buying a Christmas tree, decorating the house and finally celebrating with friends and family.  I love Shirely Hughes' ability to write with a child's attention detail, I love the bit where Tom goes for a walk with his Grandpa after getting a bit cross as Christmas is very tiring and baby Elizabeth enjoying the wrapping paper most of all.

A classic story, a little boy refuses to stop believing in Father Christmas, despite what everyone else says, then one Christmas eve a magical steam train stops at his house and whisks him off the north pole for the adventure of a lifetime.  A fabulous imaginative and creative story.

Sam has helped his  Mum decorate the house, make biscuits and wrap the presents, but what he really wants to know is will Dad be back in time for Christmas?  Sam makes a snowflake and puts it in his window to help guide his Dad back home, so will he make it home in time for Christmas?  A lovely heart-warming story.

Lovely simple rhyming version of the Christmas story from the animal's perspective, with soft to touch animals at the top of each page.

Gorgeous wordless pictures depicting winter scenes and including preparing for Christmas.

We love Percy the Park Keeper stories and this is from the same author, Nick Butterworth.  The poor mices' stocking are empty on Christmas morning and all their goodies for Christmas lunch have been eaten.. it's time they taught that cat a lesson!

Mog's not so sure about the Christmas tree and things being different in the house, so she decides to go and hide on the roof, but return to the house with a bump!

Another wordless book with lovely illustrations of winter scenes and preparing for Christmas.

Little Chick loves this book.  It's a very clever counting book where the scene slowly builds up as you count up, for example 4 has 4 buildings, 4 trees, 4 fishes, 4 birds.  It also takes you through the seasons and finally page is back to winter with a Christmas tree in the middle of the village.

Daddy loves Dr Suess books so think he's going to enjoy this one!

And finally a favourite with Shoeshine.  We just love this Usborne series of books.

I love hearing about good books, so let me know your family's Christmas favourites.

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  1. I appreciate your list. I have always liked On Christmas day in the Morning by Pearl Buck.


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