Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Wrapping Paper Printing

As we're preparing for Christmas one of the activities we've done is making some of our own wrapping paper.  This is a lovely simple activity that only requires some festive cookie cutters, paint, a large piece of paper and some open-ended creativity from your little one.  I love using printing techniques as little hands can do it from quite young without needing much help and I've found cookie cutters to be very good for printing as you don't just end up with big splodges of paint everywhere.

Little Chick got busy squeezing out the paints and choosing cutters. 

She chose blue glitter stars,

Gold sparkly Christmas trees, 

And green pearlised stars.

We then got out the big roll of paper we have, cleared the table and rolled out a big sheet.

She got busy printing

and printing

and round the other side of the table for more printing.  She spent ages choosing what she was going to print where and whether she was going to do stars or bells next.  I pretty much left her to it

until our wrapping paper was covered in beautiful array of stars and bells and Christmas trees.  

Once it was dry we used it to wrap a few presents. 

(Don't worry, don't think  I'm that organised to have wrapped all the presents by now!  These were just a few that need to be sent in good time).  We could have made the labels but I'd already got these from the 99p store and thought they looked nice with the wrapping paper.  I'd love to get a roll of some different coloured paper for doing this another time.


  1. What a fun, creative idea! I love it! Your wrapping paper turned out super cute & your daugther looks like she is having a BLAST! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
    Beth =-)

  2. Thanks Beth and Melissa for your comments. Loving TGIF linky thanks for hosting Beth.


  3. So pretty! Homemade wrapping paper is the BEST kind :)


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