Thursday, 29 December 2011

Creativity with Cardboard Boxes: Tent and Indoor Camping

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we have had and still having some lovely relaxing time with friends and family, but just time for a quick idea as to what to do with those left over cardboard boxes.  Did you have some cardboard boxes or cardboard packaging left over from Christmas?  Here's some fun we had with some cardboard packaging kindly donated to us by a friend a little while ago.  You also might like to check out our cardboard box house for more cardboard box fun too.

So what should we play?

When the weather's not really nice enough for camping and tents in the garden, what better than to bring the camping indoors.  This box was huge and pretty much filled the room, but great for lots of play.

I propped the two halves of the box up into a tent shape and tied them together with some string through a hole I'd made in both parts, to stop them sliding apart.

Little Chick then got busy filling it with rugs and cushions, books and toys.

And with an entrance at both ends there was lots of fun going in one end and coming out the other!

We pretend cooked our tea on a camp fire and we sang songs round a pretend camp fire.  We had fun drawing the curtains and pretending it was night time and going to 'sleep' in our tent.  

Whilst Shoeshine was having her name Little Chick and I sat in the opening of our tent eating biscuits and reading some of our favourite camping stories.  We love Shirley Hughes' Alfie Goes Camping in The Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook and Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins. 

The box is now stored in the garage and I'm thinking what else can we play with it.

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