Monday, 9 January 2012

5-A-Day books: Winter Books 1 - Arctic & Antarctic Snowy Animals

Well it's not exactly 5 books this week, but I just couldn't choose between them.  I think these might last us two weeks!  Now Christmas is over but it's still wintry and cold I thought it would be nice to read some lovely snowy adventures - My! There are so many to choose from -  I can't wait to add to our book collection over the next few years.  Anyway, to start off, we have some great books all about animals that live in the snowy, icy cold place of Antarctica and the Arctic.  These are some lovely stories about penguins, polar bears and snowy adventures, perfect to snuggle up on the sofa and read together, even if there isn't any sign of real snow here!

This is great story, oozing creativity, imagination and fun with that touch of totally believable and totally unbelievable all at once.  Oliver Jeffers knows just how to write for small children.  We loved reading his books Way Back Home and How to Catch a Star back in November and this book has been a favourite since we got it out of the library the other week.  The story is all about a little boy and what happens when a little penguin appears on his doorstep and how the little boy tries to help him to get home.  A delightful tales of friendship and adventures together.  Beautifully written and illustrated, a definite favourite.

Another lovely story of friendship, polar bear is lonely and wants a friend to play with.  The snow cloud keeps trying to help but the snow animals she makes just don't play.  Then one day another polar bear appears, but is this one just made of snow?  I'm sure you can guess the answer!

Shoeshine absolutely loves the original book of this, Say Hello Animals, which is set on the farm.  This is a fun winter variation with snowy owls, Arctic hares, puffins and polar bears.

A fun rhyming story about Betty and her sledging adventures finding some clothes, trying to find out who they belong to and making friends with a yeti.  Gorgeous illustrations and a fun story.

A lovely story about a penguin who is too cold and wants to go on holiday somewhere hot!  Will he enjoy the sun or will he miss home?  

Big Bear and Little Bear is all about a friendship between a little boy and a polar bear.  The big bear protects the little boy from the cold weather, but then it's the turn of the little boy to protect the big bear.  Gorgeous white and grey pencil drawn illustrations, really unusual.  

This book is all about the Emperor penguins and how they look after their eggs.  Nicely written, but definitely gears for 3+.  It produced a flurry of 'why' questions all about penguins and eggs and babies from Little Chick when we read it today!  Would link nicely with watching the film Happy Feet too.

There are so many lovely books about snowy animal adventures.  What are you favourite wintry snowy reads, I'd love to hear your favourites.

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