Thursday, 19 January 2012

Drawing & Writing in Coloured Sand

Following on from our sand and glitter art we used the leftover sand tray for some fun drawing, writing and mark making.  
Little Chick is really into identifying and trying to write letters at the moment, the letter E and M seem to appear on pretty much every picture at the moment so I thought using a sand tray for drawing and writing would be a fun, sensory play activity that she would enjoy.

Firstly more sand was added to the tray.

Then Little Chick had fun swishing and swirling and making patterns in the sand.  Drawing in the sand really is a blank canvas for them to express whatever they want, be it patterns, letters, numbers objects or faces.  It really can be anything and it certainly doesn't need to be anything recognisable, it's all about letting them draw what they want.  Little Chick really liked drawing snakes, circles and dots this time, and of course letters.

She then got busy having a go at drawing letters in the sand.  

She loved seeing the effect of her drawing had on the purple sand on the white tray as it made a great contrast.

She also really enjoyed spooning and mixing the different coloured sands. 

There was lots of pouring from one spoon to another.  

Meanwhile Shoeshine was doing one of her currently absolute favourite activities - drawing!  Great for their development in so many areas including early literacy skills.  Although the resulting picture may just look a lot like scribbling, if you watch her whilst she's drawing the concentration on her face shows there is so much more going on.  Allowing them from an early age to create art and draw their own pictures on regular basis is so important.  Shoeshine is currently 18 months and is always pointing to the pen pots and picking out paper.  It's been a pretty much every day activity this past week - I'm running out of room for displaying all their pictures!

There are loads of ideas on the web for playful, multi-sensory approaches to early literacy development, I'm just starting to discover them and I'd love to hear your ideas.

Here are a few great ideas I've found so far:


  1. You have such fun creative ideas. I think I'll be your newest follower. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks you, that's really kind. Hope you enjoy some of the ideas we share. I'm just amazed at how much fun you can have with little people.


  2. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!

  3. Another fun letter activity. I must try this.

  4. LOVE your sand and glitter letter practice!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT week,
    Beth =-)


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