Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sand and Glitter Art: Thank You Cards

After all the lovely Christmas gifts we received from friends and family we definitely need to write some thank you cards (we're probably a bit slow in our house to get round to these things!).  Little Chick loved making and 'writing' her Christmas cards so I knew it wouldn't be difficult to get her excited making some thank you cards.  I suggested we see what creations we could make with some glue, coloured sand and glitter.

The purple sand is from a bag of ready coloured play sand left over from the summer, the turquoise sand is natural play sand coloured with blue food colouring, shaken in a food bag and then left to dry and the natural sand came straight from the sand pit.  I did have a go with some pink food colouring but it wasn't very successful, I'm wondering if yellow or red food coloured would be effective.

So I gave her a tray and let her get going creating things with her glue.  We used a cotton bud for the glue as I find this is good for drawing patterns with the glue without being too difficult.

Little Chick is really into recognising and drawing letters at the moment so she was keen to include these in some of her pictures.

Then there was plenty of sand sprinkled on the picture.

And generous amounts of glitter too!

The cards were then tipped up to let all the loose sand and glitter fall off.

Little Chick loved seeing what happened as the picture was revealed.

Some of the patterns she made were beautiful.  The spray pattern on the left is a snowflake.

Letters continued to feature in quite a few of the cards.

I just love the effects you get when the different coloured sand mixes and who would disagree that a bit of glitter just makes everything that bit more special!


We also did a couple of joint cards where I did the glueing for the lettering or pattern. 

And Little Chick did the sprinkling.

We then left them all to dry.  Fingers crossed they have stuck well and will survive being posted round the country.

Some of our finished handiwork.

Amazingly nearly all the mess was confined to the tray and I'm thinking we'll be using the sand tray for some other fun later in the week before I clear it all away.


  1. Very pretty! My kids LOVE glitter and this would be right up their street!!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


    1. Thanks, glitter is pretty popular here too, although I'm yet to find a satisfactory way of cleaning it up, but it does mean our carpets permanently sparkle!


  2. They turned out super cute!! What a fun project!
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT week,
    Beth =-)


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