Monday, 23 January 2012

Winter Outdoor Water Play


Little Chick loves playing with water and keeps asking me when can get the paddling pool out.  So what water play can you do when it's not lovely and sunny for getting completely soaked?
We had fun with an old water butt, some flower pots, buckets and sticks and of course, water!

There is so much research about the importance of outdoor play and outdoor exploring, I know it's something we should be doing regularly all year round but it always seems so much easier to do in the summer!  But I love the moto from Kierna at Learning for Life: "There's no such things as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather" (John Ruskin).  So we still try and get out to do something every day, because that time outside, whether long or short, always seems to refresh everyone.

This is our old water butt, with the top cut off by my lovely husband who likes to find uses for everything broken.  The winter before last the weather was so cold that the water butt was frozen for so long that it cracked and developed a slow leak, so although now no good for storing water, he's turned it into a water play feature for the girls.  I'm hoping he's going to create a water wall with Little Chick this summer, and this is the start of it.  There are some great ideas featured here at Let the Children Play and more water play ideas from Learning for Life.

We filled it up with some water and added a few flower pots and Little Chick insisted the tractor needed a wash. 


We did some running and some jumping to warm up.


Everywhere we go at the moment seems to be 'look at me jumping, look at me running' so she was only too willing to have her picture taken doing these!  Good for running off some energy, I think.

Then she got busy turning the tap on and off and filling up the buckets with water and emptying them into various trays and watering some of the plants around the garden.

We also found that the flower pots weren't very good at holding the water!

But that they did make a good shower. 

 Little Chick loved it when I created a shower with the larger flower pot.  She went off and found a stick and said it was her magic wand and then had lots of fun swishing and swashing and splashing her wand through the falling water, again and again.


And we both got splashed!

We weren't out for long, maybe half an hour or so, but there was lots of fun and energy and giggling and splashing that was good for both of us.

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  1. My girls would love it if we could have water play all year round, right now we are stuck with snow play and just trying to make the best of it! So great that you are stretching your comfort zone when it comes to outdoor play! Your kids will thank you for it.
    Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play party! And sharing the link with your readers. We are thrilled to have you join us as our 40th link up! WOOHOO!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, it is great when they are really enjoying themselves outside and when they come back in the house they think it's really hot (even if it's not!). We love the outdoor play party, such a great idea, thanks for hosting. Ellie

  2. That looks like fun. I'm longing for some warmer weather.

    1. Thanks, can't wait for the warmer weather either and lots of water play outside. Ellie

  3. Ellie, I love this post & the photos say it all! Thanks so much for linking up & for the shout out. I love the whole idea of the cut down water butt - good thinking, ours froze up too in the bad winter last year but thankfully didn't burst. Here's to it warming up a little so you can enjoy even mroe water pplay on a grand scale, Kierna

    1. Thank you so much for your comment - I love some the pictures of water play on your blog - inspiring! - I was amazed at how much fun we had with such simple things. Can't wait for some warmer weather and thinking what grand scale water play we can do. Ellie

  4. I love that you're not afraid to allow your little one to play with water in the winter! She's having a blast, getting fresh air, etc. Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime.

    1. Hello, thanks for stopping by, we love It's Playtime link up, thanks for hosting. Ellie


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