Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bob the Builder Play Dough and Pasta Building Site

We're big fans of Bob the Builder in our house and after finding these vehicles for 90p each in a charity shop we simply had to have some fun building site play.  

I used an underbed storage box (£4 from The Range) and added two lots of play dough, some jumbo pasta cylinders, some twirly pasta shapes and a couple of handfuls of split peas and lentils.  I love making up boxes like this for the girls as there is so much opportunity for sensory fun, small world play and creativity with a few simple items from the kitchen cupboards and one of our favourite play items - play dough.

The girls got stuck in straight away.  It was lovely seeing them playing together but each at their own level.

Little Chick loved building with the jumbo pasta and filling up Dizzy with the lentil 'cement'.

Shoeshine loved sticking the pasta in the play dough, making patterns and then taking them all out again.  (Along with drawing and painting, play dough is one of Shoeshine favourite activities at the moment.)

I then got the play dough out of the tub as it was easier for her to play with it on the floor and Roly did a bit of "rock and roll!"  We also looked at what tracks the different vehicles made in the play dough.

Shoeshine also had lots of fun making prints in the play dough with the jumbo pasta cylinders. 

Meanwhile Little Chick was busy mixing cement, laying bricks, pouring foundations, getting Scoop to clear up the rubble whilst talking all the time about what was happening in her story.

This was Little Chick's work, she spent absolutely ages making it.  In case you can't quite work it is (you'll be forgiven if you can't tell what it is), it's a hospital.  Apparently the pink balls are chairs in the waiting room, with the pasta patient on the little bed of pasta and play dough on the right of the picture and of course the tall column is the hospital chimney.  It never ceases to amaze me what is going on in their little worlds.

This box was a great success, they played with it for ages and kept requesting it again over the next few days.  I would recommend using some older play dough as it's impossible to get the lentils out of it after they have been squished in.  Although the girls don't seem to mind now playing with lentil play dough, it does seem to be drying out a bit so don't think it will keep as long as it normally does.  I suppose the lentils are absorbing some of the moisture in the play dough.  Still a good excuse to make some more play dough together soon!


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    1. Thank you - play dough is just great for endless play ideas. Thanks for stopping by. Ellie


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