Monday, 27 February 2012

Toddler Play: Giant Fuzzy Felt

Fuzzy felt is one of those things I remember having lots of fun playing with as a child.  Little Chick has a couple of my old fuzzy felt sets that she loves playing with, the hospital and farm set are pretty popular, but the pieces are a bit small for Shoeshine.  So when I came across these ex-display felt boards in a skip (it's amazing what you can find in a school skip at the end of the summer term!) I thought they had to be useful for play.

Seeing as Where's that Fish and Ten Friendly fish are a couple of Shoeshine's favourite books at the moment, I made a set of felt underwater creatures with some felt squares from our craft cupboard.  Nothing fancy just the basic shapes. You could really have a lot of fun making different themed fuzzy felt shapes or you could keep it simple and stick to geometric shapes and watch what they create from a load of circles, squares and rectangles.

Shoeshine got busy putting the shapes on the board.  I found that tilting the board made it easier for her to get them to stick.  It took her a little while to realise that they stayed in place just by pressing them on but that if she pulled they would come off again.  She also really enjoyed pointing to all the creatures and trying to say their names - 'oc-pus' and 'fishhhh!'

Almost as much fun as putting them on was taking them off and starting again.


Big Sis also wanted to have a play when she got back from preschool and it was lovely seeing them playing together making collages and pictures.  I can't wait to try some other themes and shapes with our giant fuzzy felt board.

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