Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Toddler Play: Pasta Pouring and Scooping

Following on from our pasta and play dough building site play, I thought it would be nice for Shoeshine, (whose now 19 months), to have her own box of fun for some exploratory toddler play, whilst her big sister is at preschool in the mornings.  One of things she currently loves doing is putting things in and taking them out, whether it's pens from the pen pot, clothes from her drawers or anything really.

So with that in mind I quickly made up a pouring and scooping pasta play box.  I used the pasta from our building site and added a few things from the kitchen cupboards: a set of measuring cups, a colander, sieve, spoons and a cut off milk jug.  

There are so many utensils/pots and pans/bowls and other things you can add, all you need to do is raid the kitchen cupboards.  You could also add all sorts of pasta shapes, dried beans and rice for lots of sensory play.  Although for this one I wanted to keep it fairly simple, so it was easy to get out and easy to put away over several mornings. 

Shoeshine got stuck straight in; first and foremost was the need to get all the pasta out of the box and onto the kitchen floor.  Then she set about picking up the pasta and adding it to various pots.

She was really busy pouring and scooping. The pasta was transferred from cup to cup...

lots and lots of times!

She then got busy mixing the pasta in the colander with the spoon, it made a very good noise.

Then picking out pieces and putting them on a spoon, some really good practice for fine motor skills & hand eye coordination happening here, all through play - love it.

And of course you have to taste it too!

It was lovely watching Shoeshine explore and play independently for a short time, she was so industrious, making lots of noise with the pasta, transferring it from cup to cup.  Big sister also really enjoyed this box when she got back from preschool (she hates to think she might be missing out on anything!)  It took less than 2 minutes to tidy up at the end, but gave some fresh short bursts of playful fun over a few mornings, great for helping fill those long days with a busy toddler. 


  1. This is one of my girls (and mine) favourite activities...keeps them busy for ages!!
    Your pics are gorgeous...someone had lots of fun!

    1. It is great at keeping them busy, isn't it and so simple too. I bet your girl has lots of fun too. Ellie

  2. Dumping the pasta all over the kitchen floor is a must. :)

    1. Yes it does seem to be doesn't it, give it another 6 months and the first thing she'll probably be doing is picking up the whole box and turning it upside down immediately! Thanks for stopping by. Ellie


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