Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chocolate Egg Nests

In the run up to Easter how about having a go at these super easy, classic chocolate egg nests.

All the ingredients you need are:

some milk and dark chocolate depending on your preference (I like a mix of the two)
some shredded wheat cereal
a packet of mini eggs

(afraid I'm not at all precise with quantities - I tend to just make it up as I go along) 

Simply melt the chocolate in bowl in the microwave and in another bowl crush up the shredded wheat, add together until you have a sticky gooey mess.  Then transfer spoonfuls to paper cupcake cases and add a few mini eggs for decoration.

Perfect for a quick and easy cooking activity to do with little ones and you could always line a basket with tissue paper and give some of these as an Easter gift (if you can manage not to eat them before they leave the kitchen!) 


  1. These look lovely and delicious!

  2. They look so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing this with our spring carnival. :)


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