Saturday, 31 March 2012

Eggs and Estimating

This week we've had the plastic eggs out for a bit of Easter/Spring play.  Whilst we were playing we did some estimating of relative weights, filling our eggs with different amounts of coins and trying to decide which one is heavier or lighter.

Estimating is a core concept underpinning many aspects of Maths (and everyday life for that matter) and it's amazing how much fun it is to do with preschoolers as it's all about play and exploring and I'm all up for finding ways to make Maths fun!

I gave them a load of colourful plastic eggs and some egg boxes.  

The girls loved sorting and resorting all the eggs into different boxes.
Also see here for our Baby Play: Eggs and Egg Boxes

Little chick also took them apart and enjoyed making towers.

Then I suggested we put some things into the eggs and Mummy's purse was emptied all over the floor.

She then added varying quantities of coins to some of the eggs.  

Each egg was put back together,

and then we set about estimating, comparing the different eggs, trying to work out which one was the heaviest and which one was the lightest and comparing the ones in between and trying to put them in order of heaviest to lightest.  

I was really surprised how much Little Chick enjoyed trying to work this all out and how often she was right.

We then checked our estimated order by weighing each of the eggs on the kitchen scales.  

Each egg was then assigned a post-it note and I asked Little Chick to read out the numbers on the scales and I wrote them on the paper.

We then lined up the eggs with their respective weights written in order of weight. We opened up each of the eggs and counted the number of coins in each.  We found the heavier ones had more coins (despite filling the eggs with a mix of coins of different sizes and weights).  To be more scientific we probably should have used all the same coins, but as Little Chick is still quite young we didn't explore further about the coins being different weights or anything.

This was really simple and fun activity, it's great when Maths is practical and hands on too and also just part of playing together.  

What have you played with eggs?


  1. LOVE this fun, educational activity!!! See you tomorrow =-) happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, hope you had a lovely Easter too. Ellie

  2. That is a great idea, we did a much similar version where I just asked the kids to put the eggs in weight order, I love your idea though.

    Thanks for linking up to Fun Sparks. I hope to see you this week!


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