Friday, 27 April 2012

Pirate Birthday Party

Little Chick turned 4 this week (where does the time go!) and we had a lot of fun celebrating with friends.  She wanted to have a pirate party so I also had lots of fun thinking of things we could do.  Here's some of things we got up to.

  To start with I drew out some pirate themed invitations, some treasure maps, pirate ships and treasure chests.  Little Chick absolutely loved just sitting up next to me chatting all the time whilst I was doing these, enthralled by the thought of what her pirate party might be.  With baby no. 3 due in 3 weeks I didn't really feel up to doing loads and wanted to keep it fairly simple but hopefully with lots of imaginative and creative fun for Little Chick and her friends with a homespun feel.

Next on the list was to create some pirate costumes and Little Chick and I had a big girls only trip on the bus to Fabricland to choose some fabric - which is all very exciting when you're about to turn 4!  I'm not a huge fan of the pirate skull and crossbones motif so we went for anchors, polka dots and stripes in red, white and navy blue.  More details of how these were made to follow in another post.

We had a cardboard pirate ship, made out of some old packaging.  Do you remember our Indoor Camping Cardboard Box Tent - well this is the same cardboard box recycled and upcycled again into a pirate ship.

We then a few activities on the dining room table.

We had cutlasses to decorate.

With some beautiful results.

And some telescopes to paint and decorate

(particularly adding lots of jewels and sparkles!)

We also had a small side table at toddler height for drawing treasure maps.

Shoeshine loved this area and drew A LOT of maps!

Despite lots and lots of rain recently it was dry enough to head outside for a play with the cardboard pirate ship and to tuck into some pirate tea.

Boats, anchors and lighthouse cream cheese sandwiches
Gold nuggets popcorn
Rubies (cherry tomoatoes)
Treasure rings (Hula hoops)
Starfish and seashell mini savoury biscuits
Digging for Treasure in quick sand (Mini breadsticks with homous dip) 
Plus a platter of Treasure Island Fruit (Strawberries and Grapes)

We then had jelly in little orange boats with flags.

These were so cute.  Small portion sizes for little ones and the bonus of no washing up afterwards!

After tea there was time for Daddy Pirate to do a treasure hunt round the garden, using an A1 size map I'd drawn out, they had to find bottles hidden in the garden each with clues to finding the treasure.

A good pirate needs a good beard!

A clue in the jungle (some shrubs in the garden), among the rocks (in a pile of gravel), in the swamp (in our water play bucket) and in the long grass (in some more plants).

And finally discovering the treasure chest in a cave (actually our garage!) Then lighting the candles and singing happy birthday. The treasure hunt was a great hit Daddy pirate really got into his role and the little ones loved him.

For the party bags I just used simple brown paper bags inscribed with 'pirate treasure' and sealed with a pirate sticker.

Each party bag contained a bandana, some edible pirate treasure of gold chocolate coins and sweetie necklaces and a pirate eye patch to finish off. 

A tired Mummy and Daddy and hopefully a crew of happy little pirates!  Thank you to the wonderful friends who came and helped us celebrate, hope you had fun too.


  1. Thank you! It really wasn't too difficult either being mainly rectangular! I am going to post details about how I put it together next week hopefully. Thanks again. Ellie

  2. Baby number 3??? I love how you oh-so-casually slipped that one in there! Hope his/her arrival is smooth and swift. Those pirate outfits are so cute and daddy pirate looks like he was enjoying himself too! Happy Birthday to Little Chick from all of us.

    1. Yep no.3 due pretty soon! Haven't quite got my head around it yet. Think I'll be pretty busy, but hopefully lots of fun too. Daddy pirate was an absolute star, with the bunch of little ones. Hope you're all well. Ellie

  3. What a cute idea. I really like the cake! Thanks for stopping by No Twiddle Twaddle!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Ellie


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