Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kids Get Arty Link-Up: Suerat & Pointillism with toddlers and preschoolers - Cotton Bud Painting

As part of the Kid's Get Arty Link-up we decided to have a go at some pointilism art, or for those who don't like big words - spotty dotty art painting with cotton buds!

  Kid's Get Arty Link-up is a bi-monthly linky, all about exploring art, having fun together and there are no right or wrongs - perfect!  It's hosted by some fabulous blogs Red Ted Art, The Imagination TreeImagination Soup, Mom 2 Posh Lil Divas, Creative with Kids and Tinkerlab and we're very excited to be taking part.

We've been loving this series of Katie books that explore some of the great artists and their paintings in a really fun and imaginative way.  One of our favourites is this one, Katie and the Bathers all about exploring pointillism (and Katie nearly gets in trouble for flooding the gallery with the water from all those pictures of bathing and swimming.)  So we started off exploring pointillism by reading the story and then having a look at some pictures of pointillism art on the computer.  We talked about how the pictures were made up of lots and lots of dots.

Little Chick got the paints ready, having chosen the colours.

And she got busy with the dots.

And more dots

Shoeshine also got busy with her cotton buds,

making lots of dots and lines and patterns.  
Cotton buds are great for toddlers to do painting with.

Mummy also had a go with some dot painting and we chatted about how all the dots together formed a picture.

Shoeshine loved choosing the colours and painting her picture.

Here is Little Chick's finished picture. 

Here is Shoeshine's finished picture.

To be honest looking at the finished pictures you'd probably never guess we were doing pointillism, but that's missing the point, this was not about a fixed finished product but about having fun exploring a different way of creating art, using dots. And I LOVE using cotton buds for painting with little ones, it's such a simple way to do painting particularly with toddlers when you haven't got the time or energy to make lots of mess.

Be sure to check out other people ideas at the Link-up.


  1. I love Suerat and think my girls would too. Thanks for sharing this fun project!

  2. Oooh how wonderful! Great idea to paint with cuetips. Such a great project. And the results are adorable!

    Thank you for sharing our Kids Get Arty journey!


    1. Loving the Kid's Get Arty Journey, can't wait to have a go at some other art ideas and look at other artists. Thanks for hosting. Ellie


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