Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pirate Cardboard Telescopes and Cutlasses

One of the activities we did at Little Chick's Pirate Party was making telescopes and cutlasses.  This was an easy and fun activity, using recycled cardboard tubes and cardboard packaging and adding a bit of paint, glue and sparkle factor.

Daddy and Little Chick had fun painting a whole load of toilet rolls with brown emulsion paint the other week (we had this paint left over and emulsion is great on cardboard as it stays on well and doesn't flake).

Daddy also cut out lots of cutlasses from old Amazon book packaging.  You gotta love the recycling!

For the party I set out all the bits and pieces on our dining room table with a sign so they could come and decorate them when they wanted and however they liked.  We had some sticky acrylic gems and some fabulous pirate stickers (both from Yellow Moon), some confetti glitter (from the 99p store) and a selection of paints and glue sticks.

There was lots of glueing, sticking and painting,

as they set about decorating their telescopes and cutlasses.

Here are some of the beautiful finished cutlasses

and jewel encrusted telescopes! 

Lots of fun for busy little hands and all ready for some pirate imaginative play.


  1. That is a very fun party craft.

    1. Thanks, both the girls and boys at the party seemed to enjoy it and the bonus being they could wave their cutlasses round the garden after they were done making them. Thanks for stopping by. Ellie

  2. Love the sparkles!!! My son loves to look through anything that has a hole...peek-a-boo is his favorite game still. (20 mo.) We'll have to make some of these!

    1. Thanks, I think we'll be having a go at these again soon as we've got some tubes left over, I find my girls often really enjoy painting 3D objects (egg boxes, flower pots, tubes etc), sometimes more than painting on a flat piece of paper. Hope you have fun. Ellie


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