Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Play Dough Cake Shop: Part 2

Following on from our fun with making and decorating play dough cakes, Little Chick has been asking to do this again.  So the other week we had lots of fun making some more play dough cakes and also doing a bit of role play with our very own Play Dough Cake Shop.

There was lots of preparation to do and cakes to be made.  Lots of baking and cake decorating.

Shoeshine got busy decorating some of the cakes that had already come out of the oven.

The girls spent absolutely ages making their cakes. 

We had strawberry muffins with chocolate decorations and chocolate-mint cupcakes.

We had raspberry cakes.

And more chocolate cakes.

We displayed some of the cakes on the girls' toy cake stand.

And there were more cakes with lots of different sorts of icing and sweets and decorations on them.

Little Chick also wanted some lollies to be added to the cake shop, so we had chocolate and strawberry lollies on sticks.  

Finally the cake shop was fully stocked.  Whilst they were making their cakes I had made a cake shop sign and got some money out in a little pot.  So the shop was ready to open to customers.

Everyone had to visit the shop.

We all bought and ate a lot of cakes!

There was a great bit of role play, choosing items, letting the customer know what you had to buy, taking the money and giving change.

Little sis also got to buy some cakes from the shop.

After a bit the girls decided they need to branch out and start making birthday cakes for customers.

And Daddy was a very willing recipient of 'happy birthday' and a chance to blow out the 'candles'. 

This was such a lot of fun and the play went on for ages and since then playing cake shop has been requested numerous times by Little Chick.  The play is getting more detailed with requested for pen and paper for recording orders and specified opening times and wanting to branch out the business into a cafe & cake shop serving teas and coffees with the cakes!  You gotta love how versatile playdough is for creative play!  

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  1. How fun I have a ton of actual cake playdough recipes on my site if you ever want to check them out http://familylicious.com/playdough-recipes/ they are fun to make because they use real cake ingredients and smell amazing!I love the cake pops and the details your girls put into the Cake Shop so cute!q Where did you get the silicone cupcake wrappers?

    1. Wow that's an amazing list of play dough recipes, I bet they smell so good. We did chocolate play dough the other week and we all wanted to eat it! Not sure if you're in the UK, but I got the mini silicon cupcake wrappers from Tesco and the larger ones on ebay, they are made by Kitchen craft. I find they are really good for the girls to play with and a bit more robust than the paper ones. Thanks for stopping by. Ellie

  2. That is such a cute idea. I love all your photos. I will be sure to pin it to my play dough board!

    1. Thank you. Playdough is just great isn't it? Ellie

  3. This looks simply lovely! Just added you to our Play Dough Pledge Pinterest board :)

    1. Thank you have had a great week with all the play ideas, thanks for hosting. Ellie


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