Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cloud Dough / Pretend Sand: Beach

This week we've had the tub of cloud dough out to play with and I realised I never got around to writing about it when we made a batch of it a few months ago.  This is absolutely fantastic stuff to play with, simple to make and it stores really well.  It's pretty much like soft, fine, pretend sand (not really like a dough at all).  So here's how to make it and the fun we had creating a mini beach for some of Little Chick's toy people.

The recipe is really simple, just using 2 ingredients, flour and oil and mix them together.  Here's the recipe I got from Tinkerlab

8 cups of flour (we just used economy plain flour)
1 cup of vegetable oil (or baby oil)

Little Chick got busy measuring out the flour.  We nearly lost count of how many we'd added in the enthusiasm of measuring!

Then it was time to mix it all in.  We used a small under bed storage box to make it in.

Messy Hands!  

It was great to see Little Chick really enjoy the mixing and making of the cloud dough.  Sometimes I'm too quick to get things ready for the girls to play with and forget how much they enjoy being part of the making too.  Just like making play dough together this is another great activity to do together too, as well as having fun playing with it afterwards.  The measuring and mixing and watching and feeling it change in consistency is fun and a great example of hands on learning through play.

This stuff has a great feel, it's like sand but softer, smoother and finer, but probably the best bit is that you can shape it and mould it.  I've found it great for Little Chick to play with when the sand pit is too soggy or when you're in the depths of winter and you're dreaming of the summer and trips to the beach.

We added some shells and some pebbles collected from the beach on a previous holiday.

And some little people and of course some parasols.  These are probably one of Little Chick's favourite things to play with whenever we do anything to do with the beach or the seaside.  They are also perfect for sticking in play dough too.

She spent ages playing with this and I have to say I enjoyed playing with it too!

This was Little Chick's Island.

She also made miniature sandcastles.

We tried a number of different containers and bottle tops for making our mini sandcastles and found that the baby food pots work really well as they were about the right size and had slightly angled sides making it easy to get the sandcastle out in one piece.

She made lots of little sandcastles (thankfully we did this when Shoeshine was having her afternoon nap as I'm pretty sure they wouldn't all be still standing so neatly if she'd been playing too!)

Shoeshine also enjoyed playing with it when she got up from her nap, although I think next time I do it with her I'll do it outside!

And once they'd finished playing I just popped the lid on the box and put it away for play another day.  This is really lovely stuff to play with and so simple and easy to make.

Note: A cavet if you have boys - see here for a link to my friend's blog where they had a go with this stuff - boys generally seem to just LOVE mess! 

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