Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cloud Dough / Pretend Sand: Pirate Sensory Tub

Following on from our fun making and playing with cloud dough/pretend sand, we had the box of it out again this week and with a few things left over from Little Chick's Pirate Party I created a Pirate Sensory Tub for the girls to play with.

To our tub of cloud dough I added some gold coins, seashells, some mini pirates, a few parasols and some old necklaces and bracelets that could be pirate jewels and treasure.

I also put out a bucket with a few scoops, spades, rakes and some sand moulds from the sand pit next to the tub.  As the weather was nice we took the box outside to play with.

The girls started off by digging for treasure.  And of course what better than to wear your jewels to show them off!  The girls loved going round the garden wearing all the necklaces they had found in the sand - I think this might be a girl thing!

Little Chick then decided to do a treasure hunt and busily hid lots of the coins around the garden.  The girls then rushed all around the garden searching for the hidden treasure.  It was very sweet watching Shoeshine following her big sis around saying 'findin' treasure!'

Shoeshine was very pleased to find one under the runner bean netting, clasping it with both hands.

Once they were worn out from hunting treasure all round the garden they then got busy making sandcastles.  Little Chick was busy telling Shoeshine to fill the bucket whilst she was busy patting it down in between - some great teamwork!

Carefully lifting the bucket away.

Revealing the sandcastle.  Of course it needed a little pirate and parasol to complete it.

Little Chick also made some of the sand moulds.  This cloud dough/ pretend sand is a great sensory play item.  It's lovely to run through your hands, press or mould into shapes and create lots of different things with.

Here are some of the results of the sand moulds.

We had lots of fun this afternoon with the tub I'm sure it will be back out again over the summer.  Once they'd finished I just put the lid back on the underbed storage box and have put it away to get out another day.  There is so much scope for child led imaginative and creative play given a few play prompts, I love seeing the different ways the girls play with them.


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