Sunday, 10 June 2012

Outdoor Play: Baking Colourful Gloop Cupcakes

When the weather's good we love making the most of being outside and the other day was no exception.  Inspired by The Imagination Tree's Goop and Flower Cupcakes and some lovely sunny weather last week, we had fun making and baking some fabulous play cakes with four simple ingredients - cornflour, plain flour, paint and water.

First we made Gloop, also know as Oobleck.  This is a fabulous and simply sensory, goopy mixture of cornflour and water with some amazing properties, as it neither a liquid or a solid but both!  So if you move your hands through it slowly it behaves like a liquid but if you try to stir it really fast it behaves more like a solid.  This means that you can scoop it up quickly like a solid but then it oozes out between your fingers like a liquid.  Scientifically this is called a Non-Newtonian substance.  But from a practical point of view this is just lots of gloopy, goopy fun!

Little Chick loved mixing the water and cornflour to get it to the right consistency, adding a little of each at a time.

We then got our hands messy with our lovely, gloopy mess.  (Little Chick is not a natural 'get mess everywhere' character so it was nice to see her enjoying herself with a bit of mess - I never thought I'd be encouraging a child to be more messy!)

We loved watching and feeling it change from solid-like to sort of liquid like as you moved your hands through it.

Little Chick then really wanted to make some cakes, so we added some more water and some ordinary plain flour to make it into more of a gloopy, doughy mixture. 

She then went off to choose some paints to make her cakes all colourful!  We just used standard ready-mixed poster paint from our craft shelf.

She transferred the mixture into some smaller containers and got busy mixing in the colours.  

Some yellow

And purple. (And later she decided she needed some brown 'chocolate' ones as well!)

She got busy spooning out the various mixtures into some cake trays.

Little Chick just loves things to be neat and ordered - as you can tell!

Once the cakes were ready it was time to get decorating.

Little Chick went round the garden picking various leaves, flowers and herbs for cake decorations.

Here are her finished cakes, before cooking.

Lovely and colourful.

We then left them in the sun to dry all afternoon baking in the hot sun.  The next day the cakes were 'cooked' and we took them out of their tray.  They looked more like biscuits than cakes now and I love the way the leaves and flowers petals had been baked in forming beautiful patterns on the the top of the cakes.

The cakes were fairly delicate but they were still solid enough to take out of the baking tin and move about.  I was amazed at how they had been baked by the sun and form into little solid discs, yet yesterday they had been all runny and goopy (lots of potential for science stuff here about heat, sun and evaporation).  We then enjoyed some imaginative pretend play eating our yummy cakes in the garden!


  1. What wonderful fun! Thanks for linking up to All Year Round Blog Carnival.

    1. I think I had almost as much fun as the girls with this! Thanks for stopping by. Ellie

  2. Oh how wonderful! What fun! And how colourful and pretty. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  3. This looks so much fun and they are very pretty cupcakes! Thank you so much for sharing with the All Year Round Summer Carnival. :) I've featured your post here:

    1. Thanks for featuring us AGAIN! Love the ideas on the carnival, can't wait to try out some. Ellie

  4. Wonderful idea to let the goop bake in the sun. I love the use of flowers! Thanks for sharing in the outdoor play party!


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