Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Treasure Island Play Dough

This week we've been joining the play dough pledge, hosted by three fantastic & creative preschool play blogs: NurturestoreThe Imagination Tree and Sun, Hats and Wellie Boots.  This is all about having creative, playful fun with with your little ones with playdough.  If you're short on ideas, do check out some of these blogs and their amazing ideas.  Not sure about playdough?  Here's a great summary on the benefits of playing with play dough from The Imagination Tree.

We love playing with play dough in our house, it probably comes out several times a week for various play activities and we tend to get so stuck in that often I forget to take any pictures of our play.  This week I quickly set up a tempting play prompt of some yellow lentil play dough (actually left over from building site play earlier in the week), some pirate gold and some sea shells.   The girls were quick to get stuck in, rolling, squishing and  Little Chick talked about making islands and beaches.  (This was after the slight wobbly from Little Chick that there wasn't enough yellow play dough to make both make islands, hence the addition of some blue play dough as well.)  

Sheoshine loves rolling out the play dough and squishing things into it.  Adding lentils to the play dough does have a tendency to dry it out a little if it's kept for a while, but it adds a lovely sensory dimension to the play and is great to add if the play dough is getting towards the end of it's life anyway. 

Little Chick then ran off to collect some people to go on her island (I mean how could mummy forget that a treasure island needs some pirates to be on it!)  Then she also requested some of the mini cocktail parasols to add to her island and talk of pirates finding buried treasure.

Little Chick's finished island, complete with parasols, seas shells and treasure.

And Shoeshine's island just before she squashed it all into a big ball again!  I just love how many ideas there are for play dough play.

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