Monday, 9 July 2012

Contact Paper Toddler Art Collage

Earlier in the year we had a go at contact paper art collage.  This is a super simple, no mess, fun way to create beautiful art, perfect for a busy toddler (and enjoyed by older ones too) and great if the weather isn't too great for outdoor play.  I think Shoeshine was about 18 months when we did this, so it was little while ago now, just didn't seem to get around to posting it.

I laid out a tray of bits and pieces from our sparkle box.  These are all the offcuts and left over bits from previous craft projects or just colourful bits of waste wrappings or packaging I've added.  There are various shapes of craft foam, felt, coloured card, sweetie wrappers, some sequins and butterfly shapes.

I put a piece of contact paper (it's basically sticky book covering film on a roll I think I got my from The Range) sticky side up onto our patio doors at a easy height for Shoeshine to reach and secured the corners with sticky tape.  To be honest this is the hardest bit as it just wants to stick to everything and itself until you have it in place!

I then spread out the materials on a tray next to the window and just let Shoeshine pick and choose what she wanted and where she wanted to put it.

There was much concentration as the picture started to be created.

More things were added...

more and more things were added. 

Until finally she said it was finished. 

It was lovely to see her enjoying herself so much and so proud of her art too.  When Daddy came home she just kept saying "Dadda, look, my aaarrt!"  I think this is going to be stuck to our patio doors for quite a while it looks so lovely (and I don't think I'll be allowed to take it down either!)

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