Sunday, 29 July 2012

Flower Fairy Crowns

One of the activities we did at Shoeshine's 2nd Birthday Party was making flower fairy crowns, inspired by my recent reading of the original flower fairies book by Cicely Mary Barker.  So with some double sided sticky tape, lots of petals, sparkles, stickers and decorations, these proved to be very popular - I think most of them ended up making 2 or 3 crowns!

The Heliotrope fairy with her flower crown, by Cicely Mary Barker.

To prepare I cut up some strips of silver card, giving one side a wavy edge, I just made sure they were long enough to easily go round their heads.  I then placed a strip of double sided sticky tape (bought from one of the pound shops) along the length of the crown.

I also put out some trays of garden stickers, bugs and flowers, some sequins and some pink and purple fabric petals.  The stickers were from Yellow Moon and the fabric petals were really cheap on ebay.  They are often used as wedding decorations or confetti, but are perfect for crafting too.

I also added a pot of pens so they could decorate them to their hearts content.  They all got stuck in straight away.  (I found the trays in a skip outside a school, I've got about 10 and they are so useful for things - hence the 'homework' label I haven't yet got around to removing - oh how I wish homework was as exciting as making fairy crowns!) 

Shoeshine loved the bug stickers!  At just turned 2 I usually find she struggles with getting the backing off stickers and gets frustrated, so having the double sided sticky tape meant that she could just stick them straight away onto the tape, so she could do it all by herself.

It was also good because the older ones (Little Chick is 4) could stick things to the tape or they could peel the backing off the stickers and stick them elsewhere.  The double sided tape worked a treat as they were ready to wear straight away, no waiting for the glue to dry. The small sequins and fabric petals stuck pretty well too.

The Birthday girl with her finished crown.  When they were done I just stapled the two ends together with the folded bits of the staple facing outwards to stop it getting caught in hair or scratching their heads.

Big sis with one of the many crowns she made

and busy making the next one!

The fairy crowns were still proving popular the day after the party as I caught this photo of the 'fairy' in full costume and crown - riding round the garden on her bike!


  1. These are really lovely. I have shared this on my facebook page.

    1. Thank you - it was really fun, I even had one made for me too! Thanks again. Ellie

  2. Completly agree. This is really a very good idea that allow children to work their creativity and enjoy the play.

    Congratulations for this funny idea!!!!

  3. Beautiful and magical!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Hi Ellie! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site. I love what you do with your girls! I am mummy to a toddler girl too and you've certainly provided some really wonderful ideas for us to try. I work full time but I am going to make time :)


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