Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fairy Garden Play Dough Small World Play

As we've been having lots of fairy play recently, I thought it would be fun to create a play dough fairy garden small world play for Little Chick to play with.  This was inspired by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots' fantastic Egg Carton Fairyland.

  So with our box of various coloured play dough, some stones, glass pebbles, silk flowers and of course some little fairy figures I started creating a fairy world.

This was definitely one of those activities where I had as least as much fun as the girls with!

The paths were made with glass pebbles, including a set of stepping stones across the lake.

One of the fairies hiding in the foliage. 

There was a grassy green area with lots of plants and flowers, a river flowing into the lake of blue play dough in the middle and a mud area with rocks and a bridge that crossed over the river.  The mud area was some of our batch of chocolate play dough.

I was really pleased with my creation, even if I do say so myself, but when I called Little Chick in to show her, alas she didn't want to play with it - she wanted to create her own!  So with some help, but trying to encourage her to do it however she wanted and that she didn't have to copy mummy's exactly (all to no avail), but in the end she was really pleased with her own fairy world.  So I played with my one and she played with hers!  

The fairy world proved so popular with Little Chick that she was very sad to have to take it apart and pack it away in the evening.  In fact the next day she wanted to recreated it again and then the next day she wanted to create it again!

Day 1. The lying down fairy is having a swim in the lake.

Playing with the fairy world, retelling stories of going on adventures, rescuing their friends from the monsters and having a fairy tea party.

The next days's recreation.  She needed some help with the bridge and some instructions for rolling out a long sausage to make the river.

Still not bored of fairy world play we had recreation no. 3!  

Who knows how many more fairy world's we'll make over the next few weeks.  (I think Little Chick particularly likes the fact that she can get all the different play doughs out at once and all the pots of accessories too - we're still working on the helping tidy up activity!)

So although she didn't really play as I had anticipated, with the one I made for her (isn't that always the way?), it was great to see my creativity sparking her imagination to make and play with her own fairy world and we both had lots of fun.


  1. Too cute. So pretty and wonderful and lovely. I just want to dive right in and play.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. It looks really good!
    The fairy garden was lovely.

  3. too pretty for words :-)


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