Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pink Strawberry Fairy Dust Play Dough

For Shoeshine's 2nd Birthday party, Little Chick and I made her some pink strawberry fairy dust play dough for everyone to play with.

Using our usual recipe for no-cook play dough from The Imagination Tree, we added our special ingredient - fairy dust! (Actually a generous amount of some body sparkle powder I found languishing in my make up bag - no really when I am likely to get a chance to wear that at the moment?)  So much better for use in the playdough!

We sprinkled plenty of it in and then added some strawberry flavouring to give a sweet fairy smell and some pink food colouring for added fairyness!  

We then got busy mixing and kneading the mixture until it came together.  

Although you can't really see in the pictures it has a lovely subtle shimmer.

I also put out cupcake cases, silk flowers, little fairy figures, some cutters and some glass pebbles to let them create whatever they wanted to.

We had some lovely fairy cakes, fairy islands, fairy gardens and fairy biscuits!  And Shoeshine just loved squishing and squashing and pressing everything into her ball of play dough.

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