Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Purple Glitter Play Dough

As well a making some Pink Strawberry Fairy Dust Play Dough we also made some Purple Glitter Play Dough.  Following our usual recipe for no cook play dough we simply added some purple food colouring and some silver and purple glitter (lots and lots!) to make the dough all sparkly.

Perfect for making all sorts of fairy creations.  This is the first time we've made glitter play dough and we're definitely going to do some more - who wouldn't want that bit of extra sparkle?

Other Ideas for Glitter Play Dough

I love this galaxy sparkling play dough from Fairy Dust Teaching Kindergarten. 

And this white glitter play dough from The Imagination Tree. 

 Or these gorgeous scented multicoloured glitter play doughs from The Creative Mama

 - some great ideas for next time I think.

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