Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Books: 14 Weather Storybooks: Wind and Rain

Here are some of our favourite wind and rain, weather stories, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa to read together when it pouring outside!  We love this Dr Suess inspired weather book, full of fun rhyming text but also some great explanations of weather in there too.

This is a lovely story about little hedgehog and his trip out to try out his new wellie boots and umbrella and his kindness rescuing the field mice from the flooded field and paddling up the river in the up turned umbrella, finally ending up at badger's house for a nice hot drink by the fire.  A great little story of adventure and friendship.

We love Elmer stories and I think this is one of my favourites (along with Elmer and the Lost Teddy).  The rainbow has lost it's colours and Elmer and his friends are searching for the start of the rainbow to see if they can help get the rainbow back it's colours.  Elmer's friends are worried that he might lose his colours if he gives them to the rainbow.

Lot of rain in this fun retelling of the Noah's Ark story.

A great rhyming book from Julia Donaldson, following the hat as it blows here and there.  A favourite with Shoeshine.

This is a story I rediscovered recently that I had when I was growing up.  It's a great story about the journey of Mrs Merryweather's letter, with a fair bit of rain and wind during its travels.

Another find from my childhood book collection, short rhyming text as the wind blows anything and everything.  The girls love pretending to be the wind blowing when reading this story.

A great classic story with some rain and then sunshine as they go for a drive with Mr Gumpy.

Alfie has some new wellies in this story, perfect for splashing in puddles after the rain.

Another Elmer story, this time it's really windy, but surely an Elephant can't get blown away?

A really silly funny story, about ridiculous weather, where it's rains food for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you never need to go to the supermarket!  Little Chick loves how nonsense this story is.

A lovely simple illustrated story exploring the rain that's often one of our library books.

A great touchy-feely board book starting to introduce different weathers to younger ones.

Finally a Bagpuss story.  The mice want the rain to stop so they can go and play in the garden, but who can they ask to turn off the rain?  Another retro book.

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