Saturday, 1 September 2012

Homemade Boy Pirate Costume

After making the girls some homemade pirate costumes I had a go at making a boy's version as a present  for my nephew's 5th birthday.  

Here are the girls versions I made.

And then onto the boys version.  The top was a plain white value t-shirt from the supermarket, onto which I appliqued a skull and cross bones motif.  I first drew it on paper until I was happy with it, I then traced onto greaseproof paper, then pinned onto the patterned fabric and cut it out.  I then pinned it onto the t-shirt and used a standard zigzag stitch just in from the edge.  Had I had some I would have put some iron on stuff between the fabric to make it firmer and easier to stitich, but for the piratey look the slightly rough applique looked fine.

The bottoms were made from a pattern I had for pyjama bottoms, I made them long so that they could either be worn slightly rolled up and also they would fit his 7 year old older brother too.  I then added a fabric bandana and sash and an eye patch to complete the look.

So hopefully one happy boy pirate, ready for lots of imaginative play and seafaring adventures.


  1. Those are two very cute pirates you have there!! Love your costumes. Perfect.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Can you please email me if this is something you make to sell. thanks

  3. Love it, just went to Fabricland today to get pirate themed fabric,can't wait to make them for a Pirate party ;)


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