Friday, 28 September 2012

Make a Rain Gauge

With lots and lots of rain here in the UK, our rain gauge has proved very popular and is regularly inspected by Little Chick (and occasionally emptied by Shoeshine!)  

Little Chick and Daddy made it one rainy day together.  We talked about how we might catch the rain and how we might measure the rain.

Daddy cut the top off the bottle and Little Chick then inverted it and put it in the top.  We then added stones to the bottom to stop it falling over and filled it with water up to our zero mark.  There is absolutely loads you can talk about and problem solve about with recording the weather but this depends a lot of what age you are doing it with and what you want to learn or explore.

We then took it outside and carefully wedged it between some flower pots.

And waited for more rain.

Each day we went out to check on the rain's progress - and the British weather was very 'kind' to us and we had lots of rain!

It took several weeks but it did get completely filled up.  It was much fun to check on it each day and see over time it slowly collecting more water.  As the girls get bigger I'm sure we'll be looking at other aspects, such as clouds, temperature, wind etc. and I keep meaning to make up a simple felt weather chart for them to use, but haven't found the time yet.  At the moment we're just having lots of questions about the weather forecast and who decides what the weather is going to be and why are they sometimes wrong and how do they not know what the weather is going to do - don't you just love those sorts of questions!  Check out some rainy story books in our 14 Story Books about the Wind & Rain

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